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 Post subject: Azraelm mage X-realm
PostPosted: Fri Feb 04, 2011 8:16 am 

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Some basic information about me:

36 y/old
occupation - self employed
name Tomasz
born in Poland
wow player since vanilla
class Mage
I can speak and write fluent English and I don’t afraid to use Ventrillo or any other voice program.

First of all I started my adventure with Wow on Doomhammer server
I was part of Serenity back these days, We manage up to and include BWL.
Unfortunately raiding spirit gone, so as Serenity soon after. I joined Big – casual guild in order to stay somewhere for time being. After TBC release Serenity reborn and we gather again and start raiding. We were doing fine but our GL hadn’t vision what’s next, also he had some problems with RL so he decided to g/disband again.
I changed server and Joined Lost guild on Ghostlands – it was what I was looking for top 500 world guild back then. Unfortunately after short period of time mine RL collapsed and I had to quit Wow. When I managed to get things straight it was almost end of Wotlk content so there was no point to search for new home .
When it was obvious that Cata will be released soon I start playing again,
and applied for spot in Nightfall guild, but soon I realized that its not place for me.
I didn’t feel the raiding spirit also the way they are raiding was not for me.
So I start looking for a guild on wowprogress and that’s how I find you. I browsed your web site, search guild history and raiding progress and noticed that with small raid schedule you are doing really good. Besides raiding days suit me best – you should have 95 % attendance from me ( I’ll lkeep this 5% just in case I have unexpected event) when I was convinced I had a chat with one of the members and decide to apply.

About my duty as Mage
As mage there is not many roles, but for all these years I had an opportunity to play every spec. available, it doesn’t make any difference for me If I’m fire, frost or arcane
In order to best performance I do visit many web pages for example Elitistjerks, Mmochampion, wow forum and many other. I like to test myself on dummy trying new rotation gems, enchants to get best score possible as dps. I usually have best enchants available for me
Below you have my armory link with my Pve spec. I’m not much pvp player, if so mostly for fun.

1 Fire,
This spec is pure for dps, I don’t care about cauterize etc. its not my job, I focus on single/multi target dps and on avoiding oom situation.

2 Frost,
This spec I use for pvp/kitting I will be honest I just copied it from one of the to10 world guild it works fine for me by now, if there will be a need to tune it ill do it.


Glyph of Fireball – Fireball is my main nuke so its obvious choice. (I did try firefrost bolt as primary nuke with glyph but I seems to be doing less damage sometimes).

Glyph of Molten Armor- who would waste 2% crit chance so here I go.

Glyph of Pyroblast- well it was hard choice for me because I used as well Glyph of Living Bomb, at the moment I stick with Pyroblast I need more research on recount. Which of them is more lucrative for me .

Glyph of Polymorph – it’s a must if u using cc, and by the Cata release I was doing lot of Heroics so it was very usfull

Glyph of Dragon’s Breath- its my safety switch mainly used during 5-man Heroics, if tank is slacking on agro or missed some mob, they usually run for me so I just daze them to give him a time to catch on agro again.

Glyph of Evocation -40% of extra health just to easy healer sometimes.

Glyph of arcane brilliance useful thing to buff some1 accidentally taken down and battle ressed.

Glyph of Conjurning- Sometimes I said sometimes I forgot to refresh mana gem, so just to make my mistake smaller.

About secondary Glyphs sets –ill be brief, they are optimized for frost talents I currently have.
Gems and enchants as I said I follow Elitistjerks and others so they are optimized, besides I always do dummy test before and after I change something to see if it works for me.

I can find 3 week points with my gear and I’m working to fix them but with limited resources it will take a time to do it, but I’m aware of it.
Chest enchant – isn’t best, but I focused on mats for "power torrent" for dagger, So it will be next when I get enough gold.
Bracers – pvp item and enchant should be +65% crit as soon as I get epic pve or spare gold ill replace it.
Ring – blue quality – I know I should level my archeology more and try to get epic ring from it, but I haven’t got so much time. Or I’ll replace it by Valor points/raid loot one or I force myself to do archeology .
Rest can be upgraded only by raiding so far.

About my dps or wowstats log's I havent done much raiding - I did few with previous guild but from that time I improved by 2k dps (on single target) so any log you will find will be no accurate. I do use potions during encounters.
I do use macros and key binds I haven’t got many of them because I use Belkin n52te device it makes life easier I do use many add ons of course, for example DBM, Omen, Recount, Mage nugget, X-pearl and many other. You can see my UI below.

Professions I don’t care unless they are optimal for dps. So I develop them for level necessary to get most profit. At the moment 2 most benefit casters professions are Tailoring and JC so that’s why I choose them. I leveled enchanting as well at Cata release because there was a way to make some gold from it, u can still see enchants on my rings.
I have few alts on various servers Warrior level 70, warlock level 73, Dk frost level 71 (DK I’m going hit level 85).

Some technical data: Broadband connection, its very unlikely for me to have more than 90 ms. Fps usually over 60. 22 inch monitor and 1680x1050 resolution .
My preferred raiding days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sundays I usually spend with family but if there will be a need for progress boss I can do it.
Preferred contact – best would be this forum or wow email. Skype: cchirurg, email
Since I’m not raiding at the moment and weekend is coming, you might not see me online so much, only for jc daily or Hc run but nothing more.

At the end something private about me:
As I said I’m 36 years old, I have import-export company, I do have a son and cute girlfriend.
From my other than wow addiction, I go to gym 4 times per week, very often to cinema or club usually on weekends I do like parties, grills etc. And when I need to relax some sci/fi or fantasy book. (Sapkowski rulez) I also prepare for studying psychology from October.



 Post subject: Re: Azraelm mage X-realm
PostPosted: Fri Feb 04, 2011 9:22 am 
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Nice application Azraelm.

I believe Cauterize is a nice talent, it can save you in some very bad moments and save the raid from some wtf 1% wipe (See Chimaeron). Whereas Arcane Concentration will give u a 0.7%-1% extra dps in total for the first point (the 2nd and 3rd point I believe have been proven to not even be worth considering), cauterize will keep you alive and as we all know dead = 0 dps.

Yes of course in a perfect situation, you won't even need it, cause healers will have u topped. But there are very few perfect situations while progressing through content.

Anyway.. too much theory! Good luck with your application!!


 Post subject: Re: Azraelm mage X-realm
PostPosted: Fri Feb 04, 2011 9:44 am 

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Hi Azraelm,

I will speak to you later this evening if you are online.



PS - We are well aware of what the Polish internet connection is like =P


 Post subject: Re: Azraelm mage X-realm
PostPosted: Fri Feb 04, 2011 5:25 pm 

Joined: Fri Feb 04, 2011 7:08 am
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I'm gonna stay on-line till 20.00



 Post subject: Re: Azraelm mage X-realm
PostPosted: Fri Feb 04, 2011 6:56 pm 

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