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 Post subject: Rheyix - Shadow priest xRealm
PostPosted: Tue Feb 01, 2011 8:03 pm 

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Rheyix - Shadow Priest
Required Questions
A.) Please provide your age, sex, location and occupation.
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Location: Norway
Occupation: School
B.) How would you rate your level and understanding of the English Language from 1-10

C.) Are you able to raid between 19:30- 23:00 on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday?
Of course.

D.) List your armory Link. Please log out in your raiding spec and gear: ... yix/simple

E1.) What is your main spec and off-specc? Why have you chosen this specc?
My current main spec is Shadow, I've chose to play this spec because I still like damaging around with damage over time spells, and some direct spells. ... nt/primary
My current offspec is shadow aswell currently, but you can get me to change this on specific bosses to healing, or silencing or whatever you would like. ... /secondary

E2.) Are you willing to respec for the good of the raid?
If it benefits the raid, sure.

F.) What stats do you gem/enchant and why?
So far I've prioritized Intellect, the haste then crit my spec, tho as 4.0.6 hits I will probably go for Mastery rather than crit rating.

G1.) What is your role in Raid if DPS explain your rotation, if healer explain your choice of spells and give examples
Having 100% uptime on my dots, using mind blast on cooldown and using my cooldowns for increased damage effect on my spells. Also as the boss gets below 25% I usually do shadow word: Death on cooldown, if my health is appropriate for it.

H.) What professions do you have and why? (if not maxed why?) Any Usable Recipes?
Jewelcrafting: To improve any stat I want to.
Engineering: For the head with the cogwheel sockets, the glove enchant, and of course the Rocket boost on my waist.

I.) Please post a screenshot of your UI, ideally in a raid environment. Use () Which Addons do you use? ... 95738.jpg/
Important once to me;

And of course I got (like everyone else) tons of useless addons like Atlasloot etc.

J1.) Do you use keybinds? Is everything you might cast in a raid keybound to something?
Ye, I use key bindings for every essential spell Im using.

J2.) Do you use mouse over macros as a healer? if not explain reasoning
Yes I do, when Im healing, tho that haven't happend alot lately.

K.) How do you keep up to date with information about your class? What sources of information do you use about WoW? or MMO-champions basically, but sometimes also has some guides to specific classes. Tho used manaflask only for boss guides.

L1.) Do you have a reliable PC? A reliable internet connection?
Ye, I do.

L2.) How long have you been playing WoW? List your previous raiding experience. Which raids did you perform while the content was relevant?
No idea how long, just know it's since start of tbc sometime.
At 80 i've done every raid up to icc, and currently working on hardmodes, but it's mostly been with PuG's.
Cleared ICC 25/10 12 out of 12 on normal mode.
On heroic mode I cleared ICC 25 heroic, tho never bothered doing the 10 man heroic version, just cleared 11/12 for the lolz, sometimes.
I've also just cleared normal modes of Ruby Sanctum.

M1.) Who are your your previous guilds? What is your current guild, and why are you leaving?
I was in a guild called Anathema on Stormscale wich I cleared ICC with. Then I left them to play on Haomarush with some friends.
Right now Im playing in Ad Elysium on Haomarush, wich im trying to clear the current content with.
We have reached 11/12, but as we have 5 days of raiding a week, I wouldn't say it's good progress after 4-5 weeks of progression.

M2.) How do you handle criticism toward your performance?
I listen to advices and take them to me, and use them as a advantage rather than nerdraging like a kid.

N1.) What do you, as a player, bring to our guild?
I'm friendly and mature, helping out in raids, bringing up guild experience etc. etc.

N2.) Why do you want to join our guild?
Because after what I've heard you are doing really nice in raids, and I would like to do 25 mans again. I'm also missing alliance since I was it.

N3.) Are you ok to sit out at times, depending on boss mechanics?
Benefitting the raid is always good.

O.) So, what kind of person are you? Tell us a little about yourself (interests, what you do for living etc).
I'm a quite active guy, playing football, playing games, hangin' out with friends and such things.

P.) Is there anything else you would like to add that may help your application or just share in general
Nothing I can come up with at the moment.
Q.) Do you have the latest version of ventrilo with a working microphone and actually use it?
Of course. I'm using it in my current guild

Hope you enjoyed reading this.

Best regards - Rheyix


 Post subject: Re: Rheyix - Shadow priest xRealm
PostPosted: Tue Feb 01, 2011 11:07 pm 

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Hi Rheyix,

Thanks for the application.


Best Regards,



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