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 Post subject: How to create an application
PostPosted: Fri Jan 07, 2011 10:25 pm 
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In an attempt to improve the average quality of the applications, this post is here. Rather than an application template that has questions to answer, we ask you to write a story about yourself in which you answer a few questions (don’t worry, I’ll give an example).

First things first, as a general rule for your application I’d say: “The more you tell the better.” Displaying you’re a good player through an application is hard and real skill will only show in game, however, there are always little hints as to whether you are a proper player or not. Please don’t go telling us about the first date you ever had and what you said to the girl (or boy) and what you did afterwards though. Keep the information to things relevant to your application and things that are important for us to know. Now what is important for us to know? More than you might think at first thought.
The list includes, but is not limited to:
  • Your character. With this you can think of a few questions. How do you control your character? What do you focus on while playing? What sets you apart from every other person of the same role and/or class out there? Do you play other characters and are you any good at those?
  • Your history. What have you raided in the past? When and why did you start playing WoW? What guilds have you been in? How much time have you spent on the game and do you still spend?
  • The guild. Why do you want to join Zeal? What do we win by taking you? What will you add to the guild?
  • Last but not least: Yourself. Tell us who you are in real life. What do you do? Do you like doing it? How old are you? Does this affect the way you play at all?
    Now I know this last point may sound dodgy to you, but keep in mind we don't demand you to apply, we don't demand you to tell us all this. You are applying because you want to join us (at least, so I would assume), so try to convince us we should take you. As said before, little bits of information can make a huge difference in what we think about you as a player. Tell us as much as you want, but keep in mind more is generally better.
So there you have a short list of points you could address in your application. Don't, I repeat, don't, go by every question one by one and give a one line answer to it. Please. Write a little story in your own way and include as much information as you want and can in it. Feel more than free to include things that aren't specifically stated here, as long as it's relevant.

So the promised example (note: example, not template). This is the application as I submitted it when I applied, except for a few edits where I thought it was needed.

I'm a holy paladin called Clima with quite a bit of progression and experience in ICC. In a few words I'd describe myself as a fast learner and an aware and knowledgable person.

I've been playing the game for quite a bit over a year now. I started playing in TBC times and hit 70 on my hunter the week WotLK came out. Me being a general noob back then, I jumped on my dk and got that character to 80 first. However, I decided I wanted to play a healer and started leveling my Paladin. After I dinged 80 I raided naxx in a guild called Focus for a few weeks, after which I quit the game for my exams. The exam break was lengthened because I was let in on the development of a game that is now dead. I came back to WoW a few weeks before ICC came out, and started gearing and raiding in ToC to get ready for it. Back then I was in a guild called Soldiers of Honor which helped me alot to get some more up to date experience and advice as a paladin healer, due to the fact there were two good paladin healers in that guild. Sadly however, there was no progression in ICC whatsoever when it came out due to some main people being inactive. In the end I left SoH to join Mysterium, joining a friend of mine who I had been running ICC with for a few weeks in a row then. For a while Mysterium with me in the main team was properly progressing through ICC10 and I pugged ICC25. However Mysterium went through a crisis with some main people leaving to play with real life friends or quit the game altogether. In Mysterium I actually played healer one week and tank (which is my offspec) the other week. I also tanked ICC25 in pugs, up to and including Rotface. Since then, the most progression I've had in ICC was with pugs. This means with the Zeal alt group in ICC25 and a group with some friends in ICC10.

The main difference between me and other Holy Paladins is, in my eyes, that though I obviously am assigned to healing the tanks, I keep my eye out on the rest of the raid as well. I will use skills like BoP or holy shock on raid members when they need it, rather than only spamming holy light on the tanks non stop. Also I always keep my eyes out for key mechanics of a fight like boss health or ability cooldowns, being ready to throw extra heals or move out of a certain effect or anything else that is needed when it is needed. Moreover, I keep an eye on where the boss, possible adds, effects and other players are. When it comes to tactics, I can pretty much know what to do during an entire fight by watching movies and reading the tactics. In fact, for that reason mainly, I was Mysterium's main raid leader for the progression runs. However, due to other people not knowing what to do and not bothering checking tactics before a fight, and in some cases not even bothering working on a good spec/rotation, we never got really far. I myself always make sure I know what we're up against and what is the best way to do it, the best spec for it, etc.

I would like to join Zeal to give myself more of a chance to get the progression that I feel matches me. As mentioned before, my progression is relatively low at the moment due to the guilds I've been in. However, I stayed in these guilds because I'm loyal to a guild and do what's needed to help it when I'm in it. As also mentioned before, I run ICC25 with Zeal's alt group, and I think the people in that group could vouche for me.

Also, besides knowing how to play my paladin, I know the skills and mechanics for most other classes and specs as well. I have, besides my paladin, a druid called Muinato, who is a boomkin. I also have an Unholy DK called Solofme. I've run ICC on both of them but none of them are incredibly well geared or anything like that. However I generally score high in the charts, especially considering my gear level. I mainly play these characters when some friends need help in a run rather than actively joining runs on them.

By now I think it'd be nice to tell something about myself. I'm a 20 year old Dutch boy named Jordi. I currently study Physics at university but despite of that I still have enough time to raid at nights and play WoW in my spare time. I play WoW on my desktop PC. I can run it with around 40-50 fps on avarage settings in ICC25 boss fights. My internet is also very stable and I am below 100ms in game at all times, unless I'm downloading something (obviously I never do that during raids). I play on a resolution of 1680x1050, and a screenshot of my interface (idle) can be found here: ... 014342.jpg. A few of the addons I use are Bartender, xPerl, Healbot and Grid. I use Deadly Boss Mods as boss fight addon. I do all my healing and skills like BoP through healbot using mouse keybindings using ctr/shift as well. Other skills I use with 1 through 6 and ctr-1 through ctr-6. This allows me to use anything I need in a fight with just a single click without moving my mouse too much, making it fast. I walk using WSAD and the mouse as well.
I have pretty much every evening off, but my preferred raid nights are Wednesday, Sunday and Monday/Tuesday. I do often plan something else on either Thursday, Friday or saturday but I can be flexible in that.

I have also read all the rules I could find and agree with them. I like the way loot is distributed and how the ranks work. In my opinion it is a very fair method, especially compared to what I know some other guilds to you.

If you have any questions after reading this, obviously feel free to ask me.

Kind regards,


Now that you have an idea of what we expect an application to look like, some final tips. As stated before, you want to join Zeal. Show it. Spend some time on the application. Don't just write it in broken English (unless you have a good reason for not writing good English (Hey! Something to say in your application that's not in the list!)), make it pleasant to read. Don't be impatient. It may take a little while for us to decide on your application. And probably the most important: Be yourself. Don't try to act better than you are. In a trial this is tested soon enough. Treat the application as if it were a job application. This comparison is probably a bit too much but you get what I mean.

If you want even more information and tips, I would refer to this post.

You can either submit your application through the website if you like the privacy (only officers will read it there), or post it here in a new topic to possibly get feedback from our current members.

All that is left for me to say is good luck with your application and I hope to see you as a guild member soon ;).


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